Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Slice of life story with Chef Hoss Zaré of Fly Trap

It was a phenomenal day in San Francisco, with its rare warm saturday weather, the farmers market was bustling with food vendors, fresh produce, music was playing by the street artists and people lined up for fruit samples and cups of java. What made it even more special, was my hangout with a very inspiring and talented chef, Hoss Zaré - owner of the Fly Trap restaurant in San Francisco.
I was welcomed by his sincere smile and warm hug before we started our tour through his playground at the farmers market. As we trekked around picking up some fresh ingredients from local vendors for his next dish, it was evident that he's a bit of a celebrity with everyone recognizing him and walking up to him to be embraced by his Hossy-Hugs.
A man full of life, Zaré is full of amazing stories from his world travels, to how he became a chef.  He opened up with me and shared the tragic stories about his family and how it empowered him to follow his passion in the kitchen.  Zaré credits his mother and his brother for helping him push the boundaries with his restaurant and creative recipes.  I learned so much about this brave man, especially how he lives with optimism despite all he has been through, that it only makes me want to hug him more.

If you haven't had a chance to have your taste buds tantalized by the flavors of Hoss Zaré's dishes, you must step into the Fly Trap to find out what Hoss is cooking up next.  You'll see why he puts the Hoss in Hoss-pitality.

To find out more about Fly Trap and chef owner Hoss Zaré, go to his website or like Fly Trap on Facebook.

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 Do Tell Do Tell TV gets a slice of life story with Chef Owner Hoss Zaré of Fly Trap restaurant.

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