Sunday, September 18, 2016

Live life brilliantly with Madison Reed

It's no secret we gals are usually looking for ways to keep our hair at its best and if we're having that so called "bad-hair-day" it changes how we feel.  The look and feel of our hair plays a very emotional role. Cutting, coloring or styling our hair in many ways tends to build our confidence and gives us some identity.  I know most women would agree that when we go to a salon to give ourself an updated hair style or hair color it makes a huge difference in how we feel. We arrive at a salon possibly feeling defeated by our soulless hair, having died from the damage of coloring and styling tools.  In the attempt to give some life back to our hair we cut it or the alternate we color it.  It's as if this process revives our hair - transforming your look you feel renewed, beautiful and motivated to step out into the world.

However, when it comes to coloring your hair we all know there's the effects with damage from toxic ingredients in most hair dyes.  I never really colored my hair because of this very reason plus, it was expensive to maintain.  As I tried to embrace some of the new found gray sprouting from my scalp, I decided to experiment with hair coloring. I opted for highlights as a way to cover my gray strands. It was fine until the effects of coloring started to mess with the health of my hair.  It was fading, damaging the vitality of my unruly Latina hair leaving it dry and lifeless.  I know I was warned - but what's a lady to do when her hair feels like a wreck and she's desperately wanting to make a change.

I started to wonder if there was a safe "healthy way" to actually color hair and cover gray while giving it a vibrant new look with out the harsh chemicals. Well luckily, the lovely folks at Madison Reed, a women led San Francisco based company created a formula to safely color hair with real good ingredients. Inspiring founder Amy Errett, wanted a quality coloring product that would make hair feel healthy and empower women.  I had the opportunity of working with the amazing colorists over at Madison Reed and shared my coloring contentions, my hair dramas, well, you know, what we usually do when we talk to women about our problems. 

Madison Reed Color Tuscany Brown with Color Revive Gloss
The caring color-crew are a kind group of women, who are truly understanding of women's hair, especially for the love of great hair.  Thank goodness for these" hair-color-fairies!"  They introduced me to the color Tuscany Brown and added a special treatment of Color Revive GlossThey worked their magic waving bottles of enchanting color into my hair.  I was totally surprised that the formula had a pleasant scent and not the harsh smell of ammonia from typical hair dye.  I was completely impressed by the results of the color. The products added luscious shine and dimension all over. 

What's even more brilliant about Madison Reed is the (DIY) method of at-home coloring. You can easily to do-it-yourself, by ordering your color online, and conveniently apply your own color (follow instructions) in the comfort of your home. Professional colorists are always happy to help you explore the best colors that suites your needs. It's such a relief to know that I can color my hair and feel good all around knowing I'm using products that will heal my hair and give complete coverage.  It's really something to celebrate. Next time I color my hair I'm gathering a group of ladies, breaking out some glasses of wine and having a hair-color party and toasting to living life brilliantly!

You Go Girls!

Learn more about the many color options for your hair by visiting the website at Madison Reed