Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spice up the grilled cheese!

Eating healthy and being creative with food doesn't have to burn a whole in your pocket or increase your waist size. In my search for a satisfying snack I decided to give a spin on the grilled cheese sandwich. I even got my brother to try it and he's picky. He wanted 3 of them!
Here's what I used:
2 slices wheat bread, 1/2 cup Mexican cheese blend or 3-4 sliced cheeses of your choice, smart balance butter spread, bell pepper, my dads home made salsa or your choice (spicer the better).
Spread butter on both slices of bread let one grill on medium heat pan
Dice bell pepper thinly
Spread salsa on bread
Sprinkle bell pepper add sliced cheeses
Make sure to add salsa again. Cover with second slice. Flip to grill 3-5 minutes.
Move to plate. Your mouth might water so don't forget to turn off stove
Spicy grilled cheese sandwich!

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