Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Hype with "Mercury in Retrograde"

You may have possibly noticed an increase in mishaps with phones and emails or other types of communication glitches especially around December 10 and through December 30. Is it it just us encountering our typical malfunctions in life mixed with natural life changes and battle of progressing in personal and professional relationships? Well maybe we can blame the cosmic forces of Mercury. In case anyone was wondering about what's all the hype with Mercury Retrograde I gathered some information that might be enlightening. It's a volatile time in general and supposedly it is noted to avoid making any set plans or decisions in all realms of our life. It's a time to reflect on your life and become aware of the affects taking place and be present to all that surrounds you. Although some of us may think this is mere coincidence, it may be wise to track your progress either way through mercury retrogrades.
Pay particular attention to:
The Key Issue and What does Mercury affect
in this article from about Mercury Retrograde.

Other fun reads I suggest came from Mercury Retrograde: What is Mercury Retrograde?

On a side note, during your introspection, I highly recommend yoga as a way for being present and for mastering balance in life.

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