Friday, March 15, 2013


WARNING:Dangerous Dance Moves... 

Gotta tell you, I am completely BLOWN away by this dance duo's dangerous-dance-moves. The folks at Urban Dance Camp have trained and produced some talented dancers. One such example is this phenomenal dance routine performed by Keone and Mariel Madrid.  I can't help but watch this and smile and stand up to such clever choreography and brilliant dancing.  Seriously, impressed with their hip-edgy technical moves and interpretation  Brings to life the song and makes for such an entertaining visual to watch.  These two incredible dancers, Keone and Mariel Madrid are bad-ass, "Michael Jackson" bad-ass!
Stop reading this and just watch what I mean: Keone and Mariel Madrid

Additional bad-ass dancing playlist continues from this clip below.
Thank you to Urban Dance Camp YouTube Channel 

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