Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yellow brick road, no place like home..

Just like Dorthy and her adventures down the yellow brick road, to speak with the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, we also seek the road to finding answers as we walk through the road of life. We go through a whirlwind of our own tornadoes that throw us off in life and places us in uncomfortable zones.   
We deal with bad witches and good witches but along the way, we meet friends who buffer the road through it all. 
I love this movie for so many reasons, particularly the nostalgia that takes place and for how symbolic it is. I smile as I recall the first time experiencing Oz as a child plopped in front of the TV with my family.  I watched Dorothy and her "hype-friends"go through the trenches, battling the wicked witch and the fears that get in the way of dreams.  Her friends the Tin-man, Scare Crow and Cowardly Lion become her family, supporting each other through thick and thin.  
I went through so many intense emotions, inspired by the movies creative way of sending me a message.
In my effort to live my life, moving closer to my true calling, I found that the brick road brought me back home.   I have to admit and say how thankful and lucky I am to have my family. I know for some, family is not an option.  Some people don't get along with their family, but there are different types of families that grow in your life.  I realize that my family is there for me no matter what.  Even through all the fights, disagreements, and tears there's a rainbow on the other side!  There's your family in the end with all its colors from dark to light. 
 I click my wedge heels 3 times and say theres no place like my crazy home.

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