Friday, November 22, 2013

Shophouse Snorkeling and Photo Works in Jamaica

If you haven't been to Jamaica, it might be worth a trip to see some of the unique hotels and beautiful beaches this country has to offer.  Having explored Montego Bay and Negril, Jamaica, I got my fill of hot-humid weather,  Spicy Jerk-Chicken and Jamaican rum.  It's no surprise to hear Bob Marley songs echoing from the streets and hearing Jamaican people express with pride, "No Problem" at any opportune time.  There’s a plethora of water activities along the beaches, however, I found a snorkeling company that really gave me a deeper look into the Jamaican sea.  The group of friends I was with rallied us to take this tour, which provided a lobster lunch off a private beach.

We met with Lincoy Dolphy “AKA” Kirk, a hard working tour-guide from Shophouse Snorkeling and Photo Works.  If you’re looking for an up-close and personal snorkeling adventure, this just might be the best-by-the-sea.  Our Captain, Lincoy, gave us the grand tour, which cruised by the famous 7-mile Beach and other secret caves of Jamaica. 
We made several stops, snorkeling through some impressive reefs decorated by an abundance of sea life and historical artifacts.  I admit, I did get super nauseous, and had to come up a few times for air, but was so engrossed by the world around me.  Millions of distinctive, funny, and eerie looking fish danced in and around crevices of the ocean floor.  The colors were incredible, with bright orange, yellow and blue fish, angelfish and zebra-striped fish.  I gasped as I felt the schools of tiny bug-sized Jellyfish swim by me.  Even crazier was my encounter of a huge stingray.  “Say what!?” Yes, not one, but two spotted stingrays.  I kept my distance as I frantically waved under water at my friends close by to keep moving.

Lincoy guided our tour safely and was really excited to help us capture some memories with his under-water camera.  He brought us strarfish and various shells to hold, while we posed in full snorkel gear. He was full of amazing stories about Jamaican life, the epic sea and it’s rich history. 

I was so amazed by this man's passion for life and his work of sharing the sea with others.  I promised I would tell more people about it.  I captured this video on my cell and edited some pieces together, which does not give the adventure its full justice.  At least you can get a sneak-peek and hopefully on a trip to Jamaica, you’ll remember this friendly Captain Kirk, who will take you on a thrilling snorkel adventure you won’t forget!

Check out Do Tell Do Tell TV YouTube video here:

Thanks to Lincoy Dolphy of Shophouse Snorkeling & Photo Works

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