Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspired Tequila. World Class Margaritas.

For those of you who have not had some real great tasting Tequila, why not add a world class inspired tequila to your tasting experience? An adventure to Tequila country sparked my interest into the world of tequila not just for its drink but for the culture and history behind it. Yes of course, being in Mexico one can not go with out tasting the many spirits of Tequila that this side of the world has to offer. So I tasted, tasted some more and after various tastes, I was still standing. Tequila class 101 taught me the proper technique to tasting true inspired tequila. My friends, a good Tequila should be savored and sipped especially if you want to save yourself from a headache in the morning. I advise, DO NOT SHOOT IT!
Go figure that my trek through Mexico's Tequila country led me to a connection with the makers of Tres Agaves Tequila. Now making margaritas with Tres Agaves inspired Tequila is easy and the taste truly worthy of a celebration! Cheers! Salud! Happy New Year
Check out the site TresAgaves and my Brand Ambassador collaboration. Attend any up coming events and try for your self! (Remember to drink responsibly.)

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