Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So in Love...Falling in Love takes 1/5 of a second.

Do you fall in love using your heart or your brain?
I recently read a blog about love by my favorite Author Paulo Coelho and also attended my good friends wedding and usually these events tend to spark conversations on love and relationships. For most of my life, weddings were a theme since I grew up creating wedding cakes with my mother, well that, and being from a Latin family I've had plenty of weddings to attend. Over time I've seen family and friends get married and have observed relationships of others and have heard so many takes on "Love" over happy hour and late night gatherings of "spill your guts" on this topic. This tends to be a touchy subject for most but I figured this would be a great forum for exploration and expressing thoughts on Love.

In our endless search for love and the meaning of love we often can't explain the feeling and have so many emotions from it. What is this thing called love? Can you fall in love in an instant or can love grow over time? We tend to want "that feeling," the feeling we cant explain but we know once it happens. There are so many different aspects of love and it is by far the most wonderful, heavenly feeling that exists in all of us and can be given by all of us.
Love represents so many things: kindness, compassion, affection and is the one emotion that is often infused in every song, poem, or movie. Love is what drives us, lights the fire, is yearned for and can spin us in a whirl of emotional wonder.
I understand we have our own views on love particularly when it comes to relationships. As some may be jaded, some tend to over analyze love and some are thrown off or confused and it's where heart ache ensues. I know I'm not an expert on this and I am in no way claiming I have the answers, but I do believe only love is real, love is peace, love is happiness. I hear others say its complicated and if it is, then possibly find where your heart is comfortable, and encouraged and where it's supported unconditionally and without a doubt.
Love is something I feel on various levels for every human being that comes in my life. Loves omnipotence is a mysterious force that dances and stirs in me in so many ways. For some we will find this greater expansion of love within our heart which is overflowing and connects you with someone else. There's so much more to be said about this thing called love and what it does to all and where it moves us as we grow and learn from our relationships. Whether it takes you 1/5 a second or your own realization over time, love is there when open to it. Live,love and rejoice!

Consider this article I came across "Falling in Love takes 1/5 of a second" by Paulo Coelho where he incorporates this love analysis with a transcript from Science which is sure to pick your brain on love.
Click the link below.

~Inner Peace is being Love and being Loved no matter what take place in the external world. Cultivating Peace allows for a clearer and expanding relationship to the Love who you are, connecting you to the Love in everyone else.~

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