Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspiration For Women to Share

It is amazing how friends have impeccable timing in our lives, and how one person can touch your life in so many ways. I saved this card with the photo of 2 friends hugging from a best friend when I was a teenager. The quote below was sent to me from a friend and I wanted to send this to all the amazing women in my life so you can continue to share this as well with the rest of the world!

"She's beautiful without knowing it. She's smart with out gloating it. She's funny without over doing it. She's strong without forcing it. She's amazing without seeing it. She's the perfect friend and perfect person but doesn't believe it. Out of all the women in the world, she's the one i'm glad to know. She's YOU. Send this to all the beautiful women you know and glad for it. There is NO time line, no consequence, no amount of people to send this to. But send it to show your gratitude. I love you, girl."

~From my amazing girlfriend 

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