Monday, October 29, 2012


Calling All Fashion Designers: 

In an effort to stay hip, stylish and inspired by emerging fashion designers, I make it a point to stay connected to my friends over at Sacramento Fashion week.  Founder/Executive Producer Duane Ram, has teamed up with a dedicated and unique group of talented individuals, including Creative Director Will Rodriguez who have contributed to producing a yearly fashion event since 2006.  Mr. Ram has been able to successfully launch and create the show each year by staying connected to his hard working fashion team who help bring SAC Fashion Week to life through mixers, workshops and other networking events. 

The event has garnered some fashionable attention, with nominations for Best Fashion Show Producer and Creative Director of the year
There was also a visit from model Naima Mora of America's Next Top Model, who made an appearance as a guest speaker giving some of her sought after advice.
Ram's goal is to create fashion shows unlike any other.  More importantly, he wants to give a voice to budding designers that have potential to kick the fashion industry into new, stylish inspiration.

Interested in attending the show or becoming a featured designer for an upcoming show?  
The show is open to all emerging designers who meet the requirements.  

Apply to be a designer - Approved designers will be required to feature a 10 – 15 piece collection in one season – S/S or F/W Collection. 

For full submission details please visit the website or follow this link below:

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, or just want to have fun attending the next big show, be sure to visit their website for a full list of upcoming galas and events.

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