Thursday, January 31, 2013

Workout Your New Year

Workout your New Year

By:  Veronica Castro

Anytime I hear about working out or I find new workout gear, I get excited. However, I know for most of us, some may cringe at the thought of sweating or finding time to get your butt in gear. I mean really, getting to the gym is half the battle and then figuring out all those gym machines can be a bit overwhelming (Yikes!).  It's that time of year where gyms across the world see a fluctuation of memberships and folks are determined to shed that post holiday weight gain and get ready for bikini season.  Finding time to workout and getting to the gym is a challenge in and of itself, and by the time you arrive you're possibly already pondering what to eat because that dry protein bar just doesn't cut it!  Well either way, if you drag yourself to the gym or find a place at home (without sneaking into the pantry for a cookie) just get outside, move or find a fitness partner.  

It's easy to fall into the same routine which is why we burn out and get bored so easily.  It's important to change it up for better results.  If you find yourself out of ideas like I did a while back, consider investing in a personal fitness trainer to change your workout game.  I have to give credit to a few awesome trainers who have inspired me with "working out" my new workouts.  These inspirational trainers provided me changed insight, challenging me and offering new ways of working out with results. 

Eugene Sablan of FitnessMoves in the Bay Area, has worked with many clients and has a wealth of knowledge transforming bodies.  Eugene, aka "Gene", has a genuine supportive approach to bringing fitness into your life. I really enjoyed his personal training style, his friendly personality and his family-like demeanor made me feel motivated to commit to the workouts.  He brings together the community by offering unique bootcamps and random hiking trips for added encouragement.  Combining his keep-it-fun philosophy and expertise with engaging all muscles, he mixes in using the kettle ball, jump rope, balance ball and yoga-inspired moves.  Sablan taught me to focus on strengthening my core tricking my muscles and keeping me on my toes.  Inspired to find my inner She-ra, I kept moving and learning new ways to train my body and achieve my goal of fitting into those trendy skinny jeans. 

I also had the opportunity to train with Moji Oluwa of Moji Oluwa Fitness in Los Angeles, California.  A pro-body builder, weightlifter and personal training coach with several accolades and awards.  He can probably bench-press double or triple my body weight, but don't be intimidated by his He-Man-like physique. Behind all that muscle, Moji is one of the sweetest, big-hearted trainers and a joy to train with. Admittedly, I told Moji I was afraid to lift weights for fear of turning into a beef-cake.  But he kindly assured me that I would not beef-up, rather tone-up my tall frame without heavy weights. Believe it or not, he has achieved his bursting body of muscles all-natural.  He promotes educating the natural way with bodybuilding and living healthy with a recommended long-term clean nutrition regimen. He offered me personal meal plans to compliment my fitness goals. During one of my sessions with Moji, I was surprised we used little to no weight at all and mostly my own body weight, longer reps, and proper technique.  Just the small amount of tweaks with each move, I was able progress gradually and challenge my muscles without hurting myself. 

As a self-professed workout junkie and health-nut, I've become eager with my fitness efforts and have found yoga pants to be my new best friend. I feel motivated adding fitness-fashion collections as my everyday wardrobe.  I stumbled upon a clever shopping site from the folks over at offering some new clothing gear that improves your workout. Enter W8Fit Workout Gear: a new workout approach adding weight into your workout routine "literally".  Small weights are strategically placed into the pockets of these specially-designed workout pants and sports bras. Sort of an odd concept, but hey, you can potentially increase calorie burn wearing these pieces during a brisk walk on a break or a casual hike. 
Watch the video by clicking the link here: W8Fit Workout Gear 

Now if you are just entertaining the idea for starting a workout regimen, have no fear. Take each day to work it out into your schedule even if its a few minutes a day or every other day.  Start with just simple stretching and don't over-do-it. Small steps will make it easier so you won't burn out.  It's easy to get side tracked and lack motivation which is why I encourage partnerships or investing in a personal trainer who can offer you basic tips for proper movement and nutrition.  Self-educate yourself, surf the web as there is a wealth of resources there and even youtube video demonstrations that I have used.  Read magazines and tear out step-by-step routines and save them in a binder and leave it out so you can see it. I've created a few of them myself and have used them with a trainer.  I'm a believer of one-day-at-a-time and simple approaches to "light the fire".  Maybe pulling on a brand new supported sport bra or jumping into a comfortable pair of new training pants will spark motivation. 
Either way, work it out! Happy New Year


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